Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered Oak Flooring in Melbourne

Do you want a flooring system that is adaptable and sustainable? Choose engineered oak flooring, which is in demand among Australian homeowners and business owners.

Purchase from Quality Flooring today if you want premium oak floors. 

We offer a wide range of engineered timber flooring options that last long and require minimal maintenance.  

Our engineered oak flooring comes in impressive designs and various colours, too. It imitates solid timber’s feel and look, making it an ideal solution if you seek an affordable yet durable alternative to hardwood floors.  

With our oak flooring products, we can guarantee you affordability and functionality. Call Quality Flooring to discuss your next flooring project’s price estimates. 

Designer Range

A beautiful interior starts with an impressive floor design. Whatever your style, whatever your room, Quality Flooring has the right floor for you. From clean light floors to warm brown classics including antique natural knotted finishes. With a wide range of colours, the Designer Range will help you to find your perfect floor!


Premium Range

Add warmth to your home with Quality Flooring’s Premium engineered range offering elegant European timbers in wide and long plank design. Carefully hand-selected for their individual character and beauty our Premium Range offers the highest in flooring quality and performance. Featuring a smooth matt finish in a T&G system our 6mm thickness is one of the best engineered timber floors in Australia and can be sanded and re-coated to restoring to its original glory.

Builder Range

Whether it is a small DIY activity, or a mass residential project; this range meets every budget while maintaining superior product quality. Choose from our latest trend designs to add value and bring inspiration to your project.



Quality Flooring’s  Chevron range gives you a beautiful “V” shaped parquetry design. This style of parquet flooring is laid in a zig zag arrangement. If you are looking for a floor that catches the eye, this is a perfect flooring for you.

Herringbone floors have been a favourite for centuries. Throughout the Medieval period the pattern was used in the entry ways and parlours of grand estates. Now it could be the perfect timber floor for your new home or business.

Engineered Oak Flooring FAQ's:

Q1: What is Engineered Oak Flooring?  

A1: Engineered Oak Flooring is a type of flooring composed of a real wood veneer (European Oak) bonded to multiple layers of high-quality plywood. It combines the beauty of oak with enhanced stability. 

Q2: Why Choose Engineered Oak Flooring?  

A2: Engineered Oak Flooring combines the elegance of oak flooring with enhanced durability. Its layered construction minimizes the risk of expansion and contraction, making it suitable for various environments. 

Q3: Is Engineered Oak Flooring Suitable for Melbourne’s Climate?  

A3: Absolutely. Engineered Oak Flooring, especially European Oak, is designed to withstand varying humidity levels. Its layered structure provides stability, making it ideal for Melbourne’s climate. 

Q4: Can Engineered Oak Flooring be Refinished?  

A4: Yes, the top layer of genuine oak allows for refinishing. However, the number of times it can be refinished depends on the thickness of the oak layer. 

Q5: How Does Engineered Oak Flooring Differ from Solid Oak Flooring?   

A5: While both provide the beauty of oak, Engineered Oak Flooring is more dimensionally stable than solid oak floors. It’s less prone to warping or cupping, making it suitable for various applications. 

Q6: Does Quality Flooring Offer European Oak Flooring in Melbourne?  

A6: Yes, Quality Flooring provides a wide range of European Oak Flooring options in Melbourne. Explore our collections to find the perfect engineered oak flooring for your space. 

Q7: Can Engineered Oak Flooring be Installed in Basements?  

A7: Yes, Engineered Oak Flooring is a great choice for basements due to its resistance to moisture and its stability in environments with fluctuating humidity levels. 

Q8: How Long Does Engineered Oak Flooring Last?  

A8: With proper care and maintenance, Engineered Oak Flooring can last for several decades. The longevity is influenced by factors such as oak layer thickness and maintenance practices. 

Q9: Is Engineered Oak Flooring Compatible with Underfloor Heating?  

A9: Yes, Engineered Oak Flooring is well-suited for underfloor heating systems. Its layered structure allows for efficient heat distribution without compromising the floor’s integrity. 

Q10: Does Quality Flooring Offer Installation Services for Engineered Oak Flooring in Melbourne?  

A10: Certainly. Quality Flooring provides professional installation services for Engineered Oak Flooring in Melbourne. Contact us to bring the timeless beauty of European Oak to your space. 

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