Laminate Flooring

From extreme resilience to stunning appearance, and ease of installation, laminate flooring offers various benefits. This is the first replica alternative to traditional hardwood or tiled flooring. The modern finishes and texture of laminate make it nearly impossible for people to tell the difference between it and natural hardwood.  

Quality Flooring provides a vast product range of cheap laminate flooring with unique grains, colours, and textures that will create a robust and comfortable flooring system. Talk to us about any specifics of laminate hardwood flooring that will fit your flooring project. 

What Makes Our Laminate One of the Best Flooring Products 

First introduced in the late 1990s in the flooring market, laminate wood flooring is a synthetic, composite flooring that looks and feels like natural wood. It’s a popular flooring option, especially for those who can’t afford natural hardwood floors or are looking for a cheap yet innovative alternative.  

Another reason timber laminate flooring is a go-to floor covering for many is its durability, which is afforded by its layers (wear layer, design layer, inner core, and backing).  

Other benefits of installing laminate wood flooring include the following:  

  • Easy installation  
  • Eco-friendly  
  • Low maintenance requirements  
  • Water-resistant  
  • Aesthetically pleasing  

A laminate floor’s top layer is scratch-resistant, making it less likely to sustain wear and tear from pets and other room occupants. It can also withstand harsh sunlight, so it’s ideal for installation in rooms with large windows.  

This flooring product comes with a click-installation system, which means it’s easy to install even with a DIY method. You only need to insert the plank into the next, eliminating the need for glue or nails.  

It is also hypoallergenic and requires low maintenance, as our laminate products does not allow bacteria, mould, or allergens to thrive. You can easily clean it and ensure its longevity by sweeping, vacuuming, or using a laminate floor cleaning product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between laminate  and vinyl flooring? 

While laminate and vinyl flooring are economical choices for those who want attractive floors that are easy to install, they are still different.  

They mainly differ in composition, which will dictate where they’re ideally installed. While vinyl flooring’s base layer is usually fibreglass coated in PVC vinyl and a plasticizer, Waterproof laminate flooring’s core is made from wood byproducts. While both are close in appearance, it will more closely mimic natural hardwood floor coverings and other materials, such as stone and ceramics. 

What are popular laminate floorboards colours in Australia? 

Aside from texture and tones, laminate floors are available in a range of colours. Here are some popular laminate floorboards colours in Australia: 

  • Ash 
  • Grey 
  • Light brown 
  • Honey brown 
  • Dark brown 

Can I install laminate flooring for wet areas? 

Water-resistant laminate floors can be installed in any room. But we recommend installing those types that aren’t entirely suitable for wet areas—specifically bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms—in rooms where your pets usually sleep. It provides a solid underfoot feeling and can adapt easily to your particular requirements. 

Top-Quality Laminate Floors by Quality Flooring 

Quality Flooring is your one-stop online flooring store if you’re looking for reasonably-priced laminate flooring products to help you achieve your goals for the durability and aesthetics of your home or workspace. We can also give you sound advice if you’re confused about selecting the right laminate product.  

Ready to have a laminate floors system for your contemporary, classic, or heritage home or office space? Shop now at Quality Flooring, where you can find an extensive selection of laminate floors in stunning finishes and various beautiful tones manufactured with high-quality flooring materials. 

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