Engineered Oak Parquetry Flooring

Apart from durability, when choosing suitable floors for your home or office, you should also take into account the floors’ compatibility with your interior design and how cost-saving they are. 

Are you looking for a flooring type that will provide you with functionality and aesthetics—particularly in bringing that classical, artistic style with engineered oak tiles? As you scout the flooring market for options, you may come across parquetry flooring as one of the most popular ones. 

Parquetry flooring (or parquet flooring) is tiled wooden flooring that has been popular for centuries. In fact, it was widely used in the hallways of the Palace of Versailles, replacing some of the structure’s maintenance-heavy marble floor coverings. Today, thousands of Melbourne homes and offices opt for parquetry flooring.   

Luckily for you, Quality Flooring offers an extensive range of parquetry floors with different patterns and stains. Even better, we provide them at reasonable prices so it won’t hurt your pocket. 

Parquetry Flooring Effortlessly Brings Aesthetics and Value to Your Home 

One of the main reasons our customers love our selection of engineered oak parquet floors is that they provide flexibility in creating a striking geometric effect. Because parquetry floors typically come in squares of tiled wood, they consist of individual pieces of wood, which can be laid whichever way you want! 

While most designs are symmetrical, you can create something unique by choosing asymmetrical designs! 

Quality Flooring doesn’t settle for less when it comes to the flooring types we supply, including our range of parquetry floors. We want to ensure that every customer gets high value for their money. Our engineered timber parquetry flooring products are made of core and oak wear layers, so you can be sure to introduce value, character, and warmth when installing our products.   

Advantages of Using Engineered Oak Parquetry Flooring 

  • Easy to install and maintain  
  • Will easily match any style and enhance any space  
  • Less susceptible to the impacts of moisture and temperature fluctuations  
  • Fit for installation over under-floor heating 

Frequently Asked Questions 

So, is parquetry flooring right for you? These frequently asked questions will hopefully help you decide whether parquet floors are the right flooring system for your home or business. 

What is the total cost of installing parquet flooring? 

Depending on your style, parquet flooring in Melbourne will cost between $3 to $15 per square metre. Other factors that will influence the total cost include: 

  • Pattern complexity 
  • Size of the tiles 
  • Dimensions of the installation location 
  • Required installation work 

To make sure you do not break the bank, consult our flooring specialist for an initial quote. 

Are parquet floors easy to maintain? 

Parquetry floors require regular maintenance using dry microfibre mops and brooms. They may also need annual sand, refinish, and monthly cleaning with wooden floor cleaning products. 

Where should I install engineered oak parquetry flooring? 

You can install parquet floors typically anywhere except for rooms prone to a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.  

It’s ideal in formal areas since they complement an elegant interior and emphasize the striking theme in any home, hotel, conference office, or hallway. Its natural warmth and the beauty of wood will create a uniquely handsome design for your home’s entryways, dining rooms, living rooms, and other rooms used for formal occasions. 

Quality Parquetry Flooring with Quality Deals 

Quality Flooring offers parquetry flooring options to help you achieve your dream of a stylish and eye-catching “V” shaped flooring design. We have Chevron and Herringbone patterns available in a variety of stains.  

We have selected the most suitable timber products for our range of parquetry floors, and they are sure to suit any home or office décor. You can choose from various colours, like olive green, silver shadow, natural, and cocoa brown.  

Find the parquetry floors that fit your needs only here at Quality Flooring. We promise that all our styles will guarantee affordability and impressive flooring resilience. 

Shop for parquet floors now! You may also schedule a visit to our showroom to view the largest selection of our engineered oak parquet flooring. 

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