Bostik Ultraset 2 in 1

Bostik Ultraset 2 in 1

Price:$250/BUCKET incl GST

Bostik UltraSet® 2 in 1 has extremely low moisture vapour permeability and is not adversely affected by moisture. As a result, costly and time-consuming concrete moisture testing is not required when the slab is properly prepared, fully cured and dry to touch.



26KG per bucket

Bostik Ultraset 2in1 high-performance Engineered Timber Flooring adhesive with moisture control membrane is specifically formulated for the installation of Engineered Timber Flooring. Formulated to maintain the superior long-term durability and moisture protection properties of high-end urethane solid hardwood flooring adhesive, Bostik Ultraset 2in1 with Axios Tri-Linking Polymer Technology, is easier to spread and clean off of prefinished engineered timber flooring, even after full cure. 


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